Does Substack Offer an API? Unveiling the Current Landscape

Substack, the popular platform for independent writers to create and monetize newsletters, has gained significant traction in recent years. But for developers wondering about an official Substack API, the news isn’t exactly exciting. As of today, October 26, 2024, there is no public API available from Substack.

This article explores alternative approaches for developers seeking to interact with Substack content or functionalities.

Why Would You Need a Substack API?

Imagine possibilities like:

  • Building a Custom Substack Reader: An app that curates content from various Substack publications based on user preferences.
  • Automating Newsletter Submissions: Developers could potentially create tools to streamline the submission process for writers using custom workflows.
  • Analytics and Data Insights: An API could allow developers to access and analyze data related to Substack readership and engagement metrics (if permitted by Substack).

The Reality: No Official Substack API (for now)

While the potential applications for a Substack API are intriguing, Substack currently doesn’t offer one. There have been discussions and inquiries on forums and social media, but no official announcements suggest an API is in the works.

Alternative Approaches for Developers

Here are some workarounds developers can explore:

  • RSS Feeds: Substack provides RSS feeds for each newsletter. Developers can leverage these feeds to access content and updates programmatically. While not as feature-rich as a full API, RSS offers a basic way to retrieve content.
  • Web Scraping (with Caution): Web scraping involves extracting data from a website. This approach can be unreliable and might violate Substack’s terms of service. Proceed with caution and only if strictly necessary, prioritizing ethical data collection practices.
  • Building Third-Party Integrations (if applicable): Substack might offer unofficial integrations or partnerships with other services. Explore their website or developer resources (if available) to see if any integration opportunities exist.

The Future of Substack and APIs

The lack of an official API doesn’t necessarily mean Substack won’t offer one in the future. As the platform evolves, there’s a chance they might introduce APIs to facilitate deeper integration with third-party tools and services.

Staying Informed:

For developers interested in a potential Substack API, here are some ways to stay updated:

  • Substack Blog and Announcements: Keep an eye on Substack’s official blog or announcement channels for any news related to developer tools or APIs.
  • Following Substack on Social Media: Social media platforms like Twitter can be a good source of updates from Substack.
  • Online Communities: Developer forums and communities focused on Substack might have discussions or insights about future API possibilities.


While there’s no official Substack API at this time, alternative approaches like RSS feeds and exploring unofficial integrations can help developers interact with Substack content to a limited extent. Staying informed about Substack’s announcements and following online communities can help you stay ahead of the curve if an API becomes available in the future.

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